Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alert the Media

Sunday afternoon, I was able to get my whole family to clean our upstairs Loft. I'm feeling verklemped. ***waives hand in front of eyes to dry tears*** Ok, I'm back!! We sorted, and purged, and organized. My kids kept disappearing to take things "downstairs" and it seems to take them like 10 minutes to climb those stairs again. Hmmm! Now, today I have a pile of stuff to go to the local resale shop. Woo Hoo!

So now, that the toy/computer/craft/tv room is more organized....It's time to paint! Yay! I love to paint. It's the one thing I do around the house that stays done. I'm feelinging very bright and colorful right now. Don't be surprised if this area turns bright blue, oo-oo or green. I'm feeling kinda green. Yea!! *nods head*

Are their any other closet/wanna be decorators out there? Or maybe even not soooo closet/wanna be! I'm equal opportunity!

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Ti said...

Can you come organize my loft? My kids have taken over and it is overflowing with Wii games and even that Dance Dance Revolution mat (which takes up so much space). UGH! I like the bright color idea! You need to post a pic when you are done with it.