Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

I love Dancing with the Stars! Looooove it! I love this season! I love the dancing, the costumes, the music, the back stories, I love it all!

However, It seems to me that the judges are being really hard on people really early! Cripes! Give 'em a break. They weren't this tough last year! (or is it just me!) For some reason, I love Rocco DiSpirito! He's cute, and gawky! (and he can cook!!) (my new celebrity crush!) I think he must be a nice guy too, cuz Karina Smirnoff, is usually pretty iritated by a dance partner who can't dance. She seems to be all grins and happiness! Maybe, that's cuz she's finally over Mario, (ptooey ptooey!) or because she sees a nice guy doing his best.

I also loved when Derik Hough kept telling Brooke to keep her "boobies" off him. (during the quickstep) She laughed and said, that's was the first time she'd heard that! Ha ha ha ! Btw, I think I decided to not like her a lot. I mean really, it's wrong to have 4 children, (one very new!) and look that good. **nods head** yep, and she's likely to lose weight...and get a harder body! **sighs with disgust**

Let me say, Cloris Leachman may be a comic genius! She is definately a legend in show business. However, I'm over her in this show. I can't tell if she's trying to be silly, or she's got a little dementia kicking in? I don't know, maybe she needs some ritalin, but it's getting old. I'm feeling kinda sorry for good ole Corky Ballas, cuz he can't seem to reign her in. I definately appreciate the kind of shape she must be in to do what she's doing. I can certainly appreciate her wanting to boost her career, and all that, but it really is time she gets voted off. (In my humble opinion) (and since this is my blog, it's my opinion that counts! Heeeeey!)

Toni Braxton, is doing really well. I'm a little nervous about her heart condition and the strain is might cause. She's killing me! Everytime she gets really out of breath, I start breathing for the both of us. (sympathy breathing?) and start to feel lightheaded. On a side note, I think Alex Mazo and Edyta Sl*^&%$#%A (I couldn't possibly spell that name!) are either married or a couple. Finally, someone who karaoke's worse than me!

Kim Kardashian! Why is she a Star? Poor Mark is dancing his little shoes off trying to make her look good! Where's Sabrina when you need her! (are they still together?)

Love Lance Bass! His dance partner, Lacey Schwimmer (sp?) was a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance! Wha!? Love that! I also loved that they danced to "I Kissed a Girl" and at the end he kissed Lacey and then put on Cherry Chapstick. Ha ha ha ! I figure Len, will be in trouble with GLAAD cuz he said something like, "I know your gay," then something to Lacey and didn't like the song and dance. So I'm expecting rainbow flags in the audience next week.

I'm loving Misty May-Trainor, Warren Sapp, Cody Lindley. I'm not so into Susan Lucci. I want to be, but just am not. Maurice Green isn't doing it for me, and to me it looks like Cheryl (who I normally love) is either not into Maurice or is kinda checked out this season.

Stay tuned for more details

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