Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sad, Sad News

It is not typical of me, to post sad stuff, but today I am. We spend a lot of time in fantasy, ya know?! We read these wonderful stories of love, and romance! There is some conflict, but always a Happily Ever After. Today, I found out that a young man (mid twenties) from church, was killed in a terrible auto accident early this morning! He was coming home from his second job. His pretty wife and two baby girls are left behind. He was a teen ager when I met him. A star on his baseball team. After going away to college, he came home and met the sweetest little lady, and fell hard. They got married, when I was still a busy wedding planner. I "did" their wedding! Fairly soon, sweet baby 1 came along, soon to be followed by sweet baby 2. Now, momma and baby girls, are left without Big Daddy! It makes me sad. He was soooo young. And the hard part for me, is that I want to be mad at someone. But there is no one to blame. No drunk driver, no speeding or reckless teen, no obnoxious trucker, or anything. Just a terrible, terrible accident. It's the kind of thing that could happen to anyone. So, in the coming weeks, as I make food, for this grieving family, I hope I remember to cherish every moment I have with my family! I hope, I can be a little more patient. A little more loving and forgiving. I hope to remember what is truly important. It's not the dirty dishes or the lost shoes, but people God has put in my life, and heart. The people, he lets me live with, and love. I hope, that I can cherish them and that they'll feel loved by me. Cuz, isn't that what it's all about anyway?

Remember to take a minute, to remember that these crazy people that are part of your life. Are a gift. Let us cherish these moments we've been given in this wacky life, to be with those we love.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Beth.

Cindy W said...

You are so right-it's something I forget and take for granted.

Also, Here we are in our online world, we don't know things our other online friends are going through. There are 2 of you out there that I am thinking of specifically.

So let us pause and say a little prayer for our online buddies and this family. I pray for strength, peace and comfort from God in this time of grieving for this wife and little children.

I pray for those things that are going on with our online buddies that good results and a stable condition for them. Amen.

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

It's truly hard when life throws people a huge curveball. My 20 yr. old niece that was only 6yrs younger then me died in a car accident. A single car accident. She fell asleep and went off the road in our remote village that was full of trees. This was such a hard blow to my sister-in-law. It was the 2nd child she had to bury. It was really hard for me too because I had known her since she was little and we were friends more then Aunt/niece. In fact she would call me Auntie in a mocking kind of tone. She even had all her friends that I met when she was in college call me that as well. LOL *sighs
I also had a next door neighbor with 2 young boys lose her husband to cancer in a matter of 8 months. These are such tough situations because you do want to get MAD. Really to there is nothing you can say that will really help the ones grieving. I suppose the best anyone can do is be there and be a shoulder or an ear. I am sure any way big or small will be appreciated. All we can do is pray for those ladies to be strong and hope they make their future bright down the road. The saying sucks but it's very true! "Life Goes On" It kinda has to or you will end up in the loony bin.
*Big hugs to you sweety!!
Know your on-line friends hold you dear in our hearts and are here for you!