Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Read Around the Genres

You get to read a boatload of cool books and even win a prize! Who doesn't love that!!
For more information about this challenge please click on the image above! Happy Reading!

Here’s the list

1. Pirate or Viking---"A Tale of Two Vikings" by Sandra Hill (Jenny Jo insisted!)~~~3.5 stars~~~pg 357

2. Vampire---"Love Bite" by Lynsay Sands~~~4 stars~~~pg 373

3. Contemporary---"It Had to Be You" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips ~~~4 stars~~~pg 376

4. Chick Lit---"Me and Mr. Darcy" by Alexandra Potter~~~3.5 stars~~~pg 368

5. Medieval---"Castles" by Julie Garwood (for now)Except it wasn't medieval! Oops! 4 stars pgs 354

6. Time Travel---"Beyond the Highland Mist" by Karen Marie Moning~~~4 stars~~~pg 375

7. Romantic Suspense---"Dangerous" by Nora Roberts (ok, I read 1 of 3 Risky Business) ~~~3 stars pg 265

8. Inspirational---"Whirlwind" by Cathey Marie Hake~~~rate 4~~~pg 358

9. Historical---"the Clayborne Brides" by Julie Garwood~~~rate 4~~~pgs456

10. Paranormal---"A Highlander in her Bed" by Allie MacKay (Me thinks, he's a ghost! )~~~3.5 stars~~~pg 340

total pages 3622
Average rating 3.75 (couple of stinkies blew the curve! :{ )

Ok, so you're saying to yourself "Self, her Read Around the Genre's List, looks purty darn similar to her Fall '08 Reading Challenge List! Hmmm, Self, what do I think about that?"

And I say, "Quit talking to your self, it's just weird!" ***"But seriously folks, I know my lists are almost identical. And maybe that's cheating...maybe! I am hoping to find new books mixed in to substitute for these. But for now, I wanted to get some ideas brewing. Fell free to comment on suggestions for substitutions or to fill in the blanks. When suggesting, please keep in mind, I prefer warm/pg-pg13 to the "singe your fingers while holding the book" books that others might love. It's a personal choice like, to dye or not to dye, fake tanning, and plain vs peanut. To each his own. I'd love your input!!


RandiLyn said...

I don't think it cheating. I have 4titles I'm using for both challenges :-)

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

It's not cheating. I even heard it,(via typeing lmao) from the horses mouth. (Sorry Cindy) Not that she is a horse. LMAO She said that I had a lot of those selections for my Fall challenge that I might as well include the genre challenge since I will be reading those too. Here's the Catch! Cuz there always a catch! We only have like 2 weeks to read around the genres. That is why I made that one post "IT"S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG"

Cindy W said...

You have until 12/15!!!!!

I am using alot of my books, but not all for both challenges.

Working on the Inspiration one.

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

See again I earn the title of Forgetful! Lmbo

Man that is why I was saying it's on like donkey kong. Thought it was an intense short reading challenge.
I am going to have to go do some meditation to calm down I was so hyped up. *giggles

*Hugs to you guys...for looking out for me

I got it all together, but forgot where I put it! said...

I'm needing help with romantic suspense. I actually have a Nora Roberts one...But It's not speaking to me yet. Ya never know though.

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

I heard the rumor that Linda Howard is a great author and her books are supposed to be romantic suspense. Have you read her stuff? The Book I am reading by Suzanne Brockman "Prince Joe" is under romantic suspense. Her whole Tall Dark and Dangerous series falls under that. Did you look under that tag on Shelfari. I know there are tons of Nora's works but there are also lots of other authors too. Let us know what you decide.

Evie said...

Beyond the Highland Mist by KM Moning is really good. She's an autobuy author for me. Her Fever series is excellent!