Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Cowboys!!

I Love the Cowboys! I just gotta say it! They rock, and I rock when I watch them. I don't care if Tony Romo is dating Jessica Simpson or her dad! I don't care! I love'em! I especially love me some Tony Romo! I love his enthusiasm! I love that grin he gets, and the way he jumps sometimes. (Kinda like he's 7 and it's pee wee instead of the pros!) LOOOOOOVE It!

I love yelling at the tv. I know they don't actually run, until I chant "run, run, run, Run, Run, RUN, RUN, RUN,!" They don't tackle the other team, until I start yelling "Get 'Im! Get 'Im! Get 'Im!" If I didn't yell that, they wouldn't actually "Get Im!" I'm just doing my part!
I love it when We win by a large margin. I love it when we win in the last second, and by 1 point. I just love it!

I love that feeling I get in my stomach, when things start to get exciting! You know what I'm talking about! My stomach feels tight, and clenchy (that's a new word btw) and I have to move. I get up, or sit down, or pace or something. Just gotta move. It's been a long tradition in my family to scare small children or house pets because of our enthusiasm. I keep waking the dogs when I cheer!

I also love that it's something that Dave and I like together. It get's late and he falls asleep, but I'm up and there to make sure The Boys, run, run, run, and get'em, get'em, get'em! Tonight, they listened to me! tonight we won! WOO HOO! Dallas 41 Philadelphia 37! Philadelphia...ptooey! What's good that ever came out of Philadelphia....besides all that historically significant stuff... and the Liberty Bell... and Cheesesteak! Besides that!

Move over Michael Phelps, my athlete crush on you is over! What have you done for me lately!? Enter Tony Romo! *pumps fist in the air!* Right On!

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