Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Na nana nana nah nah They say it's my Birthday

It's my birthday! .......then I draw a blank. why? Cuz I'm not sure how I feel about this birthday. Today...I turn...40! For some reason that's supposed to be a big deal! It doesn't really feel like a big deal! (I mean don't get me wrong, I'm currently looking down my nose at the computer screen so I can see it better through my reading glasses.) I'm going to move sorta slowly when getting up from the desk, cuz this chair makes my back ache. (Zoinks! I'm starting to sound old already!) I refuse to expound on the benefits of prune juice. So have no fear about reading on!

Many (ok most!) of my friends have started asking me how it feels to turn 40. Today it feels cool and breezy and mostly sunny! Do I like the idea of being 40? 40 sounds older than I feel. (outside of the aches etc.) There is a part of me, that feels 25. That part would be the same part that is avoiding the laundry and the vacuuming! That's also the part of me that still wonders what I'll be when I grow up. Or maybe that's the part of me, who's embracing my eccentric old lady-ness! Where I say whatever I feel like saying, regardless of the fact that noone asked or really wants to know. Where, when asked "How are you today?" I tell you about my ingrown toenail, and arthritis pain. OOOOH! Where I get to dye my hair unnatural colors and wear waaaay too much make-up and everyone smiles and tells me how great I look. (Miss Clairol here I come! )

Or maybe turning 40 means that I just get to me be, without making apologies or excuses. Where I don't have to explain why, I like what I like. Where I get to pull the weeds of others negative energy from my life, cuz there is already enough negative energy in the world. Where I surround myself with people to are going to dig me for me, and not for what I can do for them. Maybe this is the time in my life where I don't care who sees me in my overweight glory. Where I don't have anything to prove to anyone! If the size of my thighs turns you off, then turn around and mosey on down the road. (Can I Get an AMEN!) Maybe turning 40 for me, means being entitled to seek out what makes me happy! And being content with those things that don't but that I can't change. (yes, I'm referring to my thighs again!) I may never look like a movie star, but hey, If I go to the grocery store without my makeup or with a stain on my high tops it doesn't end up on the cover of a magazine either!

Turning 40, sounds pretty darn good to me. If 40 is over the hill, then I'll remeber that rolling down hill is more fun than climbing it anyway! So there! Uh!


Cindy W said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!!!!!

Many birthday wishes are being sent to TX from FL from me!

aunt rowena said...

Happy Birthday!

I was just commenting on CindyW's blog that on the internet I'm 21.

But IRL 40 was many years ago - enjoy it!!


Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!! Sorry I am late. Gawd your so positive I love it. Come rub some of that off on me. I hate any and all birthdays from age 29 on. I am the same way. I feel like I'm in my young 20's. I act silly like I am. My body is turning on me though. The damn traitor!! Anywho, I love the guy jumping he looks so funny. I also love the rolling downhill part. I used to spend hours doing that at this one particular park in this little village we lived in when I was a kid. I even did it about 10 years ago when I was living there again for a short time. Who needs the swings when you can get grass stains rolling down hill sidways. HAHA

Carpoolqueen (formerly known as Beth) said...

BTW jumping man, is none other than Georgous George Clooney. He's cuckoo for coco puffs.