Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adventures in Carpooling

So, many of you know, that my oldest Carpool-princess goes to a school that is about 30 miles away from home.  So we commute.  It's a really great magnet school, so even though it isn't the most convenient drive, it's worth it.  We drive for about 45 minutes to get to the bus stop.  She catches a shuttle bus at a completely different high school. So every morning I drive for about 30 minutes on a major toll road in my area.  It is interestin tghe things you see in rush hour traffic everyday with your 14 year old daughter in tow. 

Like the lady who while sitting in traffic gets soo caught up texting, that when the car in front of her finally starts moving, that she doesn't notice and 3 of us get to move ahead and get in her lane.  SCORE!! 

More importantly, it's the conversations I get to have with My CPP (carpool-princess).  Some days we talk about serious issues, like books, and music.  Some days, we discuss other topics like politics, and homework.  Even other days, we discuss family and God.  We've talked about boys, and movies, and sex, and food, and fashion.  Sometimes, we argue, or debate.  Sometimes, we pick and poke.  But mostly we laugh. 

I have thought, many a time how fun our conversations are.  How, we should totally be a sitcom.  I'm pretty hysterical situationally.  So you may become privy to some of our upcoming fun commute-time conversations.  You have been warned. 

Most of all, I'm grateful for the closeness that has come because of the time in the car.

Happy Carpooling!


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