Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7 of 25 Days of "What Christmas means to Me"

 Day 7 of 25 Days of "What Christmas means to Me" is a very special day.  It falls on Dec. 7th which is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day and is a historically important day.  However for me, this day is the anniversary of something much more meaningful. 

I won't typically get political or religious here on my blog.  Both of those topics are very personal and most people will not be able to appreciate my views as much as I will.  I will make an exception today, because it really ties in to this topic for me.  I should probably give you a brief history. 

I grew up in Texas, born and raised and proud of it.  I grew up going to church with my family and having sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I was raised on good solid christian values taught to me by my parents.  I said the right prayers and sang the right songs.  Somewhere deep inside in a place I'd never have admitted to anyone, I knew something was missing for me. 

Fast forward a few years and I'm in college.  I don't go to church anymore, and saying the right prayers is sooo not cool.  Then a friend of mine invited me to church with her, so I say why not and I go.  In the coming weeks, I started reading my Bible again.  I spent several weeks really focusing some serious attention on my relationship with God. 

So, 22 years ago, on December 7th, I was baptized in Christ.  So every year on this day, I am reminded, more significantly of Christ.  Of the sacrifice he made for me, and his complete and boundless love for me. I, as a mother, am awed by the love of a Father to send his son to this earthly realm.  On Christmas Day, we celebrate that birth, and on this day I remember the sacrifice of the innocent for the guilty.  For I am guilty.  Without Christ, I am a broken, weak, sinful woman, who spent her time and energy chasing the wind in this life.  Focused on the things of this world, where rust and moth decay. 

I'm not perfect.  Far from it, but I'm perfectly loved by God.  I am grateful and for ME, Christmas really is about Christ! 

So, today as we remember the sacrifice of the more than 2000 servicemen and the dozens of civilians who lost their life at Pearl Harbor, and we procede with the Christmas season, let's take a moment to remember the One who paid the ulitimate price for you! 

Merry Christmas and God Bless. 


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