Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 8 of 25 Days of "What Christmas means to Me"

Day 8 of 25 Days of "What Christmas means to Me"
Day 8 has me carpooling around the neighborhood.  It's getting dark so early so I get to see all the outside Christmas decorations. 

I don't remember if we had lights outside as a kid.  I think we did have a string of lights or two but it was never a big deal for us.  We'd put the lights up, and that would be it. 

A few years back CarpoolKing and I decided to put some decorations outside.  We got all excited and went to the store and came home with a light up deer (CPK's pick) and about a dozen light up candy canes.  We got a couple of strings of rope lights.  We came home and put them up, and were so proud.  Then the neighbors 2 doors down, put their decorations up.  Uh!  What?!  They had lights on their shrubs, and lit garland around their door, and the trunk of their tree lit up.  Looked good, REALLY good. 

So, Oh, No, You, Didn't!  The next day after work I went back to the store, and bought another deer, because Donner needs a Mrs. and more candy canes.  We ended up lining the whole front sidewalk, driveway, and front walk with lit candy canes.  We wrapped the tree with lights and added 2 swirl trees that light up.  So, yea, I was feeling pretty good about our yard.  Then the next day, the neighbors brought out the rest of their decorations.  They had tubs and buckets from the garage.  Ok, so now, "It's on like Donkey Kong".  Can you say, Competitive much? 

So we had to go back, well we didn't have to go, but we did.  Then we added a few more details here and there.  I went a little berzerk, but it was sooo pretty.  That year, when we drove the kids around to look at Christmas lights, I kept thinking, "I could do that". 

So, maybe I am very distantly related to a Griswald, but part of Christmas is a healthy, silly competition with the neighbors.  I'm not sure, my neighbors even know we are competing...Is that sad? 

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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