Saturday, December 1, 2012

The 25 Days of "What Christmas means to Me"

On Facebook, everyone (myself included) did the "What I am thankful for every day until Thanksgiving".   I thought that was great and definately helped to promote an overall spirit of thankfulness for myself and many others. 

Then Black friday came and as tradition dictates the women in my family spent the day doing some shopping, and lunching, and visiting, and laughing and overall merriment.  We may have eaten an extra cookie or two, and had a carb overload, but that's what Girldays are for. 

So since, the very day after Thanksgiving is all about Christmas prep for us, it got me thinking.  Why stop?  Christmas mean so much to so many.  And it means many things to me.  So, I wlll be sharing some of the 25 Days of What Christmas means to Me!  I will forwarn you, that I'm not always a deep woman.  Sometimes, I'm downright shallow and some of these 25 days will be quirky, and simple, but that is me. 

So to start off, Day 1! 
Christmas means shopping with my Mom, and my Sister-in-laws, and now some nieces.  It means filling my basket with things my kids will love as we each do, then having each other "shop" from my basket.  So my very full basket goes from full to empty in minutes.  Then the arguements begin.  The Aunts, (me included) fuss over who gets to give the "best" gifts.  Because we all want to be the favorite Aunt. 

Then we have lunch, and bring out our own kiddos' christmas lists and start marking off the items bought by Mama, and aunts.  This lets me know what is left on the list for Momma and Daddy, and Santa.  Some days we take our time and it's slow and easy, and other times we are wearing our running shoes and doing the mad dash for that sought after toy. 

Really, it is as much about the time spent with the very special women, as it is the shopping.  It is about tradition and togetherness.  These wonderful women, and our day without men and kids, getting excited about seeing our little loved ones faces on Christmas.  That is what Christmas means to me. 

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