Monday, December 3, 2012

Adventures in Carpooling

My youngest carpool-princess has discovered a japanese anime show for kids.  Uh, yea!  So it's called Seargent Frog.  Yep, mutant critters, who do alot of, I don't even know what, except make really annoying noises.  So, I walk into the room about the time said, mutant critters were chanting this chant that, sounds about as bad and fingernails on the chalkboard.  So, I stopped and screamed the sound echoeing throughout the room.  Both CPP's stopped and looked at me with concern.  "Oh my Gosh, Mom, What's Wrong?!"  I told them, "That sound you just heard, was one of my brain cells that just died.  I spent 3 seconds in the same room with that show, and already, I'm down a brain cell". 

I fully expected an eye roll, but instead I got a moment of silence, then a couple of barks of laughter. I have found  that many of the newer Disney channel shows make me want to bust my eardrum with a ballpoint pen.  Every adult is a complete moron, and the lamest sight gag is the most used plot device.  I mean, how many spit takes should I have to watch in a single episode?

So the rest of my morning, also known as the commute, every time something lame was said on the radio, or someone in a neighboring car did something dumb...yep, another dead brain cell.  Ahhh! 

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