Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 9 of 25 Days of "What Christmas means to Me"

Day 9 comes on Sunday, and we had our annual Church Christmas banquet last night and I received several Christmas Card/Pictures.  So, today's installment of "What Christmas means to Me" is Christmas Pictures. 

Every year, I receive dozens of Christmas cards with Family photos in them.  I place the photos on my fridge replacing the one I got last year. And it is usually at that time, that I am made aware of the changes in that family over the last year.  When you see someone weekly or daily, the changes are often subtle.  So, seeing the pictures side by side puts into sharp contrast how big the kids have gotten.  How much more greay hair Dad has, and how Mom's hair is getting slightly blonder.  (Since gray is easier to hide in lighter hair, so blond means less frequent touch ups.) 

I love seeing how familys grow.  Sometimes they grow in number, and sometimes they just grow in beauty.  I got one this year, with a new Daughter-in-law.  So beautiful to see the journey and glimpses of the wonderful changes.  I especially love to get the pictures from friends and family who live away.  Since the distance is great, I don't get to see you daily or weekly.  The long distance ones, are almost more sentimental to me.  It leaves me feeling that even though I might be out of sight, I'm not out of your thoughts.  And it is a lovely reminer that those we love may live near or far, but they always reside in our heart. 

So go ahead and take that Christmas picture.  People who love you want to see you.  They want to feel that connection to you.  It doesn't matter to them if you still carry some extra pounds or extra silver hair.  We want to see the kids, but we also want to see you too.  So get out from behind the camera, and get in front.  Put the lipstick on, and lets do this thing.  Put on the Christmas sweater, if you're in the mood for a chuckle, because I'd love to get that card too.  Ultimately, and especially at Christmas, we need to connect with those we love both near and far, and one really great way to do this is to send the  Family Christmas picture. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!  And, I'll be waiting for my picture in the mail.... 


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