Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6 of 25 Days of "What Christmas means to Me"

Day 6 of 25 Days of "What Christmas means to Me".

Day 6 finds me outside at 7:30 in my yard, in stocking feet waving at Santa as he rides through the neighborhood on a fire truck.  It's pretty warm here, so there we are in our bare feet or flip flops waving and cheering for Santa and his Firefighter elves.  Lights are  flashing, and sirens blaring intermittently. He's waving and all the parents and kids are outside, and I'm seeing neighbors I haven't seen in months.  I mean, really you live 2 doors down, and I'm not sure I've seen you since Santa came aroung last year.  A couple of his firefighter elves are tossing candy to the kids. They are playing christmas music for all to hear. Some of us are in stocking feet, and several of the younger kids are in pajamas.

 Reminds me of the year when our fire alarm kept going off.  It would just blast us to kingdom come, and there was no fire.  Did it several times that year, and of course always when it was most convenient.  One night there it goes, sounding the warning call.  CarpoolKing is working late and I can't turn it off, and the alarm company is calling me and alerting the fire department. So the dogs are barking wildly, the kids are panicked.  A couple of minutes later, both girls soggy just from the shower, dogs locked in kennels, I am outside to explain my predicament to the fire fighters and who is riding on top???? You got it, Santa!

So that was one year, Santa made a house call. I thought I was going to get put on the naughty list for making Santa leave his parade.

So Fireman Santa is something that Christmas means to me.


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